Where to eat economically in Assisi

ASSISI - Via Borgo Aretino 11/B

Wondering where to eat in Assisi?

In the city of St. Francis, when you're on a trip with family or friends, solving the problem of lunch often risks becoming a nightmare.
So read on, I'll help you choose.

Where to eat in Assisi Trattoria or Restaurant

Based on my very long experience in this beautiful city, when you are on a trip to Assisi Old TownAssisi, around 12 o'clock the first question you'll ask yourself is bound to be like this:
"Let's eat something on the fly and continue our walk, we still have a lot of things to see..."
"But Where To Eat Best Assisi Sandwich or a Cheap Assisi Restaurant ?"

In the Historic Centre of Assisi

Between a grocery store and typical products, a sandwich or "torta al testo", a bar, a restaurant Assisi with typical Umbrian dishes, the pizzeria, the trattoria, an osteria and unfortunately also some "tourist trap", hunger grips you and you are certainly undecided and disoriented in the choice of where to eat in Assisi.
You immediately think: "Somewhere here in the center I will find something to eat quickly and without spending a fortune?

Then you Google, go to TripAdvisor and start reading reviews and looking at pictures.
One such thought follows, which is often shared with fellow travel itineraries:
"On these sites you can never tell if the reviews are true or false, and you can't tell how much we're going to spend and if there's room."

Maybe some of your friends, or your wife (or husband), will whisper:
"Now I have to sit in a noisy, crowded restaurant, wait, order, and maybe it's not even cheap."

The usual couple of friends with two children will say under their breath:
"Then I have the children who don't eat anything and in restaurants they don't sit more than five minutes".

You have to choose and you're already anxious:

"If I make the wrong choice I risk ruining this beautiful day for all my friends and family who are with me...."
It's true. I can relate. It happens to me too when I'm a tourist.
It really takes very little to turn a nice outing into a nightmare to forget, especially when it comes to food, you're far from home in an obviously very touristy city, and you're looking for a cheap restaurant, or just a cheap lunch to eat tasty and fast with your friends and relatives while traveling.

You, or one of your friends, might at this moment say:
"It's actually a nice day, there are also many of us and the thought of sitting in a place, maybe crowded and noisy, and wait and order without knowing what to choose, I don't like so much. Come on let's eat something on the fly so we can continue the trip.

"You want there to be no sandwich place?"

In fact, choosing a restaurant, a pizzeria, a wine bar, a bistro or an osteria, a trattoria or an inn, in short, any place to sit down with friends, to order and eat in this city, is always an enterprise.
The reviews on TripAdvisor are a starting point, but perhaps what can help you settle in with a quick lunch is something cheaper, informal, fast but still tasty, and that can leave you with a good memory.

If you have read this far, AssaggiAssisi is for you.

Where to Eat in Assisi Sandwiches and Typical Products Better than a Budget Restaurant?

First Taste, then Choose your Sandwiches ( also gluten-free )

At AssaggiAssisi you taste all the local products, BEFORE choosing your Super Sandwiches.

Me and the staff will guide you through a tasting session telling you about the origins of the flavours of Umbria, and in 10 minutes you and all your friends and family travelling with you can be enjoying the famous Super Panino.
A bottle of water is included in the price: only 5 EURO! Economical no?
But if you want to drink something a little more delicious, there are also soft drinks, craft beers and local wine.

We also have packaged gluten-free bread, with which we can make a fabulous gluten-free sandwich (cold cuts and pecorino cheese are naturally gluten-free) but with special attention, also in the preparation, for people with intolerance.

"All right interesting, but will there be room? Can we sit down? “
At AssaggiAssisi is never crowded and there is always room to sit!
If you don't believe us call us at 075.813564, we always answer.

In this way you will eat your super Sandwich in the most beautiful and comfortable outdoor space in Assisi: the Belvedere.
Sitting on the comfortable little wall-bench on Via Borgo Aretino, right in front of our shop, you'll enjoy a breathtaking view and you can also take a gorgeous photograph for your Instagram.

Where to Eat in Assisi Spending Little Money

And then how good it is to eat a sandwich in the open air?

I'm sure you, like me, can taste the difference in the heady flavour and aroma of freshly made bread.
Everyone likes a sandwich, there is no one who doesn't love it, adults and children alike can fill it to their own personal taste. Often when you are out with friends and family and don't have the faintest idea what to eat, you almost always decide on a sandwich that you can eat on the fly.
Even if it's a small party or a quiet evening watching television in your own living room without having to cook, the sandwich will turn up.

We all have fond memories associated with a sandwich.

Who as a kid has never sat at a little wall eating one stuffed with salami, ham or mortella and drinking a coke while talking and laughing with their friends?

Even simply on a youthful date, when you find yourself together in the afternoon on the streets of the city, what do you choose to eat? A nice quick sandwich, it always gives positive and exciting memories.
At AssaggiAssisi you'll find only Fresh Bread of the Day and certified local products for the Best Sandwich you can find in Assisi. The best quick lunch you can have while walking and visiting the city of St. Francis.
Before choosing your Super Sandwich you can taste all our products and choose your favourite filling.

I wait for you at AssaggiAssisi, every day. Via Borgo Aretino 11/B. Old Town. Assisi. Tel. 075.813564

PS: Are you super organized? Then don't wait until lunchtime!

Every day from 10 am you can stop and get your Super Sandwich to go, with Top Local Products and your Drink, so during your walk in Assisi you will be ready when hunger attacks you!

PPS: In the afternoon, the Best Sandwiches in Assisi are transformed into a Super Merenda or Super Aperitivo, with small plates of bread and typical products to be eaten in the open air.

How delicious!

This is the most frequent comment during all the tastings of our typical products of Assisi!

A sandwich with a view?

The Muretto of Via Borgo Aretino, right in front of AssaggiAssisi, one of the most spectacular views of Italy, is waiting for you to take the best souvenir photo of ASSISI with a breathtaking view!

And if you share it on Instagram tagging @assaggiassisi you will immediately receive a tasty gift in our store!

Come to Tonino il Contadino, to eat a SuperPanino and taste the best local products!

- WATER bottle 50cl included

Salami Icon

First Taste
Then Choose

Come and try all the Assisi products and choose what to fill your Super Sandwich with.

TOP Bread

Crispy Bread, Always Fresh from the Day.
Every day the oldest bakery in Assisi produces it especially for us and it is delivered to us still warm, ready to be filled with delicacies.

Top Products

Pecorino cheese and cold cuts to choose from our tasty varieties: coral, wild boar, venison, truffle, spicy, spreadable and more...
Genuine certified products from Assisi and the surrounding area, carefully selected by Tonino il Contadino.

5 star review  AssaggiAssisi is more than just a place to buy sandwiches, it is a true tasting tour: the friendly clerk will take between 10 and 20 minutes to let a dozen customers at a time taste all the available salumi, accompanied by a glass of wine. The products are refined and artisanal: wild boar, venison or truffle salami are just a few examples. Priced very competitively, you may have to wait until the end of one or two of the previous tours, but it is absolutely worth it. Highest marks!

thumb David Lordi

5 star review  Great idea. Everything great. Great tasting of cold cuts (6 different types) and cheeses (at least 2). During the tasting we were also given half a glass of red wine. At the counter we opted for the 7 euro Ciabatta (bigger than the 5 euro one) and this also allowed us an additional small tasting with spicy cheese and truffle cheese. We had a Ciabatta with coral and Semi-aged pecorino cheese and a Ciabatta with truffled wild boar salami with spicy cheese. All this would have come 14 euros;we also had a very good Umbrian craft beer with cicerchie. Total cost of lunch 19 euros really well spent. Excellent products that enhance the Umbrian territory, sympathy of the guys who work. We enjoyed it all at the little wall, with a beautiful view and the company of greedy pigeons. Really compliments.

thumb Vincenzo Giliberti

5 star review  What can I say...super! The idea of the place is very original: first a tasting tour of local cold cuts and cheeses, then you choose the sandwich (€5 or €7 depending on the size) and finally you choose the perfect match for everyone's taste; the price also includes a small bottle of water and everything is served in a basket. There are no tables but you can safely eat on the walls in front of the restaurant with a breathtaking view of Assisi. The value for money is excellent and of course you can also buy their products!

thumb Michi B

After the SuperSandwich, try the GelaTonino!

It's a Cool and Good Ice Cream Dessert, suitable for both young and old to eat by scarfing down melted chocolate!
(solo durante l’ Estate)

Super Sandwich with Top Local Products + Water 50cl and Tastes at Will! All for 5 Euro. Only Fresh Bread of the Day and certified local products for the best sandwich you can find in Assisi. Great for walking, or to eat on the wall in front of AssaggiAssisi while taking a memorable photo for your Instagram. Sandwich with a Breathtaking View.

Before choosing your Super Sandwich you can taste all our products and choose the filling you prefer. Don't wait until lunchtime! Every day in the morning you can already stop by and pick up your Super Sandwich with Top Local Products + 50cl Water, so during your walk in Assisi you will already be ready when the hunger attacks you!

Tonino il Contadino

ASSISI - Via Borgo Aretino 11/B

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