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Siete un gruppo di amici o una comitiva in gita o pellegrinaggio ad Assisi?
Non perdetevi l’opportunità di vivere l’esperienza unica di degustare i prodotti tipici di Assisi, come i salumi e i formaggi, presso il nostro negozio ASSAGGIASSISI!

Con soli 5 Euro a persona, potrete gustare un Giro di Assaggi di salumi e formaggi, accompagnati da un bicchiere di vino rosso offerto durante la degustazione. Terminati gli assaggi potrete poi scegliere il vostro SuperPanino o MegaPanino per mangiare comodamente seduti all’aria aperta sul muretto del belvedere di Assisi, con vista mozzafiato sulla valle e sulla Basilica.

Ma non finisce qui! Per rendere la vostra esperienza ancora più piacevole, vi regaliamo una bottiglietta d’acqua o Estathé.

Per chi ha esigenze alimentari particolari, tutti i nostri salumi e formaggi sono naturalmente senza Glutine. Inoltre è sempre disponibile anche il PANE confezionato senza glutine, in modo da accontentare tutti.

Se siete alla ricerca di un’idea originale per portare a casa i sapori di Assisi, non perdete l’occasione di acquistare i nostri prodotti tipici, disponibili in comode confezioni sottovuoto, perfette per stupire amici e parenti durante una cena o un pranzo con un mega antipasto umbro tipico di Assisi.

A short walk from the basilica of St. Clare ( where you will find very clean public restrooms for pee breaks ) and the Porta Nuova parking lot ( where most of the buses of groups heading to Assisi stop )

Photos/videos and info here:

Offerta dedicata ai Gruppi con più di 10 persone, con soli 5 Euro:

  • Tour of Salumi and Cheese Tastings with Red Wine offered during the tasting.
  • Super Sandwich with Cold Cured Meats and Cheese.
  • Complimentary bottle of Water/EstaThe.
  • Opzione Senza Glutine disponibile


Participants will take the tasting tour followed by an attendant telling the story of our local products, the tastings are accompanied by some local red wine, offered, for those who want.

At the end they choose the sandwich they like best, and come out with a wicker basket lent by us to eat under the trees in front of our store, comfortably seated on the "Assisi lookout" with breathtaking views of the valley. A wonderful experience for both the palate and the eyes as all our reviews say.

Here are the various choices available; a tasting tour is included for all.

  • 5 euro SuperSandwich + complimentary bottle of water or EstaThe.
  • 7 euro MegaSandwich ( double size ) + complimentary bottle of water or EstaThe.
  • Opzione Senza Glutine disponibile

The group is usually run with 15 people at a time, who spend about 15 minutes in the store before leaving with their basket. Large groups of 45 people are handled in about 45 minutes total.

Other beverages and craft beers available on the side and a 'Mega Panino option for those who are really hungry make AssaggiAssisi the ideal choice for a quick, tasty and memorable picnic lunch for groups visiting Assisi who don't want to waste a lot of time in restaurants.

All the cured meats and cheeses sampled are produced by small, family-owned charcuteries and dairies in the Assisi area. Everyone freely chooses what to Bring Home to Surprise Friends and Relatives with an Umbro Mega Appetizer: no obligation to purchase, no minimum amount, Vacuum Packages always Included to ensure Preservation and Freshness until Home. 


You can best manage the payment by the group leader if you have already collected dues, otherwise everyone can pay for themselves, or everyone can pay separately for additional drinks and products and the group leader pays the standard fee.

Book below for your group to ensure availability and 'agreed upon time.
You pay nothing now. 

In Negozio è sempre disponibile il pagamento con carta o bancomat per qualunque importo, o in contanti.
E’ possibile fare un pagamento anche per tutto il gruppo, sia con bonifico anticipato sia con carta di credito / bancomat /  contanti in negozio. Fattura disponibile su semplice richiesta.

Only at AssaggiAssisi, in the historic center Via Borgo Aretino 11/B, a short walk from the Basilica of Santa Chiara and Porta Nuova Parking.

To guarantee you the best experience, we ask that you take some time to enjoy our Assisi food tasting to the fullest. The best choice is to book the tasting by choosing the day and time below: now you pay nothing, but you will be sure not to have to wait and you can enjoy the 'experience to the fullest.

Tasting of typical Umbrian and Assisi food and products, told in detail and entertaining by those who live every day the tradition of the area.

Coglioni del Mulo, Palle del Nonno, Ciauscolo o Salame Spalmabile, Corallina, Salame di Cervo e di Cinghiale, Salame al Tartufo, Fiaschetta del Prete, Lonzino Stagionato, Capocollo, Pecorino Stagionato e Pecorini Freschi Speziati, Pane da un Antico Forno di Assisi


Compila i dati seguenti e Ricevi in email tutte le Informazioni
per venire con un gruppo in ASSAGGIASSISI.

Ti inviamo immediatamente un messaggio stampabile con tutti i dettagli.

Tasting for GROUPS with SuperSandwich of Salumi, Cheeses and Typical Umbrian and Assisi Products

5,00 to Person VAT included

Book your tasting with SuperPanino of typical products by choosing the day and time below.

You don't pay anything now, it's just to reserve the space and time needed to run your group.

In the historical centre ASSISI, Via Borgo Aretino 11/B
A few steps from the Basilica of Santa Chiara and from the Porta Nuova Car Park
Click here to reach us in a few minutes: https://www.assaggiassisi.com/dove-siamo

Telephone Reservations: Tel. 075.813564

To book choose the day and then the time below.

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Only 5 Euros per person

Super Sandwich tasting of cured meats, cheeses and typical Umbrian and Assisi products, narrated in a fun and friendly way by those who live the tradition of the area.

Every day at AssaggiAssisi.

Try everything and eat a super sandwich or a cold plate of your favourite Assisi flavours.
Bread and drinks for all tastes at will! ( Water included in 5 Euro )

In addition, only if you want, you can choose what to bring home to surprise your friends and relatives with a Mega Appetizer of Assisi: no obligation to purchase and no minimum amount.

Vacuum packs always included to guarantee preservation and freshness at home.

Only from AssaggiAssisi, in the historic center Via Borgo Aretino 11/B, a few steps from the Basilica of Santa Chiara and from Porta Nuova Parking.
Click here to reach us in a few minutes: https://www.assaggiassisi.com/dove-siamo

To ensure you have the best experience, we ask that you take the time to enjoy our Assisi food tasting experience to the fullest.
Book your Assisi tasting experience by choosing below the day and time. You pay nothing now, you only pay when you arrive.

The staff and I will guide you through a tasting session telling you about the origins of the flavours of Umbria, and in 10 minutes you and all your friends and relatives travelling with you can be enjoying the famous Super Panino.

Coglioni del Mulo, Palle del Nonno, Ciauscolo or Salame Spalmabile, Salame di Cervo or Cinghiale, Salame al Tartufo, Fiaschetta del Prete, Corallina, Lonzino Stagionato, Lonza, Pecorino Stagionato, Pecorini Spziati, with 3 types of bread including a gluten-free option

No Minimum Amount and Vacuum Packaging always Included, but keep the freshness of our products until you eat them!

If you want to buy only what you like, and only after you've tasted it!

Drinks and various beverages will be offered to you by us during the tasting path.
But if you want to drink something more delicious, we have a wide choice!

After the tasting, you can eat your super sandwich with typical Assisi products while sitting in the most beautiful and comfortable open-air space in the historic centre: the Belvedere.
Sitting on the comfortable wall-bench in Via Borgo Aretino, right in front of our shop, you will enjoy a breathtaking view and you can also take a splendid photograph for your Instagram.

I'll be waiting for you at AssaggiAssisi, Via Borgo Aretino 11/B. Historic centre. Assisi. Tel. 075.813564

Tonino the Farmer.

Book your tasting of typical Assisi products, choosing your preferred day and time below. Pay in the shop when you arrive, no need to pay at this time.

5 star review  AssaggiAssisi is more than just a place to buy sandwiches, it is a true tasting tour: the friendly clerk will take between 10 and 20 minutes to let a dozen customers at a time taste all the available salumi, accompanied by a glass of wine. The products are refined and artisanal: wild boar, venison or truffle salami are just a few examples. Priced very competitively, you may have to wait until the end of one or two of the previous tours, but it is absolutely worth it. Highest marks!

thumb David Lordi

5 star review  Great idea. Everything great. Great tasting of cold cuts (6 different types) and cheeses (at least 2). During the tasting we were also given half a glass of red wine. At the counter we opted for the 7 euro Ciabatta (bigger than the 5 euro one) and this also allowed us an additional small tasting with spicy cheese and truffle cheese. We had a Ciabatta with coral and Semi-aged pecorino cheese and a Ciabatta with truffled wild boar salami with spicy cheese. All this would have come 14 euros;we also had a very good Umbrian craft beer with cicerchie. Total cost of lunch 19 euros really well spent. Excellent products that enhance the Umbrian territory, sympathy of the guys who work. We enjoyed it all at the little wall, with a beautiful view and the company of greedy pigeons. Really compliments.

thumb Vincenzo Giliberti

5 star review  What can I say...super! The idea of the place is very original: first a tasting tour of local cold cuts and cheeses, then you choose the sandwich (€5 or €7 depending on the size) and finally you choose the perfect match for everyone's taste; the price also includes a small bottle of water and everything is served in a basket. There are no tables but you can safely eat on the walls in front of the restaurant with a breathtaking view of Assisi. The value for money is excellent and of course you can also buy their products!

thumb Michi B